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  1. 7.1GHz Ivy Bridge... that's something I couldn't see happening! WTF
  2. TV needs moar dramah shows. Overclocking scene is teh new drama queen.
  3. Any news on who's benching with Andre Yang's CPU lately ? I've been on and off from benching the past 6 months
  4. Turn this thread into a "Andre Yang appreciation" thread so y'all get a free Asus mobo and feel the love
  5. Pretty good read Made this boring day less boring somehow. Still, there are some very lucky people out there, while having every single thing one could ask for, they're stupid enough to not realize it and show their worst part everyday in many ways.
  6. Thanks somebody on Facebook for linking this. Fun to read oh hai Andre! I hate Asus
  7. Or maybe I'm just foolishly reckless One of the E.S. ( the 6.4G SuperPi 1M chip ) scaled all the way to 1.98V ( probably because it sucked balls, others would do 7GHz Pi 4M with that voltage ). Can't wait to test my retails, gotta get some reviews and articles out prior to that though
  8. Don't think Pt1t is that kind of person guys. Probably a misunderstanding between the two.
  9. 2 E.S. ( E1 stepp. )... ok up to 2.1V Didn't push more voltage through them. No degradation, etc.
  10. All these sound like a firmware corruption issue ( either main BIOS or ME ). Never had any issues on the Gene-Z and the Gene, neither on the UD3H ( as far as these issues are concerned ). Perhaps it is somehow triggered by running 1c1t ? That's the only thing I haven't done in any of my SB & IB sessions. Insulation-wise I vaseline the baby excessively and thoroughly, never had any moisture/condensation or any water drops at all on any part of the motherboard. Speaking of 1c1t, I remember having the multiplier locked to 39x ( or was it 36x ) with Clarkdale and both on Gigabyte & eVGA P55 mobos. ( didn't try raising the CPU Multi in windows, or maybe I did and it wouldn't change, can't recall for sure ).
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