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  1. i ran a firestrike test and went to submit it and for the life of i could not get it to pull up in the drop box a gtx 760. i tried a few different ways to type it in and nothing really worked and eventually it dropped a 760 ti which these cards are just vanilla 760's so anyhow now it shows a incorrect placement for my submission. how can i correct this thank you
  2. haha thx well she is getting old i blow the cob webs out once in a while lol. a friend gave me a x79 classified but i have no cash for a cpu and ram hopefully tax time. this one is a little over 3 yrs old now 1 of the 580's bit the dust so i ramed it and they sent a 760 back so call again and tell the them i have a sli system and they ram the other card so now i have 2 760's and no water on them so blocks im gonna try to sell. blocks for these arnt easy to find so debating just leaving them on air
  3. thanks fairly decent card. one goes 1319 the other goes 1293 on core mem is a little touchie
  4. cranium


    i am trying to submit a score in the 3d category the problem is that it will not except my video card gtx 760. figured this is popular but i guess not. is there a fix for this or is this card not allowed
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