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  1. Finally gotten around to relook the whole situation. The two slot spanning graphics card has a hole which is meant for the lock down. So my mistake! Here are the pictures showing that it fits nicely and well. Sorry about me stirring up so much trouble. Mea culpa! Nevertheless, I still cannot use the second DVI connector. Ok issue solved, thread closed
  2. Sorry, still cannot get these images to rotate. Can the moderator fix that?
  3. OK, I have put my new rig together. GA 990FX with a GeForce 1060 graphics card. I noticed three issues with the support rods. 1) There is still more then 1 mm gap between the top of the rod and the lip of the card. Tightening down the thumbscrew means pushing down the lip + card a bit. 2) The rod's position cannot be made straight with the position of the PCI slot. It seems more then a mm off. 3) The rod blocks the use of the second DVI connector. So, I am (and have never been) fond of support rods and think that a (somewhat flexible horizontal bar would be a better option.
  4. When you take it through customs and if you are being stopped and asked to open up your bags and they ask 'what is this' (meaning the BC1), do you say: 1) a cutting board I bought for my girlfriend 2) the board for a new board game 3) a part for the dash of my car 4) a work of art to be displayed at home 5) ???? or do you say (take deep breath): This is an open-source bench for testing computers which was made possible through the cooperation of HWBOT, Streacom and OverclockingTV and which is portable and toolless and specially meant for overclockers and PC builders to ...................:nana:
  5. I have tried a number of PCI cards that I had lying around, together with a old Mobo. End of the week I'll be building a new rig on the BC1 with a GF1070. Let's see if the same issue arises. I'll be back
  6. It is interesting that you mention this as a problem with your Dimastech testbench. I had a similar problem with the Micro Cool Banchetto K. Before people might think it is something to do with me, I also have a HSPC tech station where PCI cards fit perfectly. Also the Antec Skeleton which I owned did not have this problem. And if it all fits perfectly in an ATX case why not on the bench?
  7. I am sorry, I cannot get the picture to rotate 90 deg. So, PCI rod is seated frimly in standoff.
  8. I am the happy owner of the BC1 and have been playing around with it for a while. Here is something I noticed and I am wondering if other people have encountered the same problem. Ok, on the board first you screw in a standoff, then comes the PCIe support rod. However when I fit a PCI card, there is maybe a 2mm clearence betwen the top of the PCI support rod and the bracket of the PCI card. I need to insert an M3 nut in between to make it fit. If my explanantion is not clear I can take pictures. Comments?
  9. I have been registered as a OBT Creator (!) and I was reading that there would be a .skp files available. I cannot find it in the download section (only .stp and .x_t files). Where can I find the .stp file?
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