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  1. Hi Ninegraves, Thank you for your answer, I will try this.
  2. Hello All, No need to reply as I found solution on this forum already, I needed to get the older version of BIOS (.602) to start BCLK tuning, leadin me to a new problem, please check out my latest post in forum. TY
  3. Hello All, I posted a message previously but I'm not sure it appeared on forum. I Tuned my BCLK to 113MHz on ASUS Z170-K @ I5 6600 non-K, and I was expecting to boost my CPU from 3.3GHz to 4.4GHz. But in fact I get a 3.7 GHz CPU since my CPU multiplier is locked to X33 (my CPU ratio is supposed to go up to X39). Even if I allowed the Ratio to X39 in BIOS when I launch an OCCT test, my max CPU is @ 3.7GHz I'm not sure to understand what is wrong and if someone could explain to me how to unlock my CPU ratio to X39 it would be great My build is: - ASUS Z170-K - i5 6600e @ 3.3GHz - 2 X 8 Go GSKILL @ 2133 MHz - GPU = GTX 970 - Win 7 integral edition Thank you for support!
  4. Hi Everyone, I tried to perform a BCLK OC on my ASUS Z170-K @ i5 6600 non-K by following steps proposed on overclocking guide for ASUS Z170-K (with little adjustments): – Set Boot Performance Mode to Turbo Performance – Set Intel® SpeedStep to Disabled – Set CPU C states to Disabled – Set CPU Loadline Calibration to Level 7 – Set Ai Overclock Tuner to Manual – Change the BCLK Frequency to 122 (approx : 4.4 GHz OC) – Adjust the DRAM Frequency to a value around 2100 MHz Set the CPU Core Voltage Override to 1.35 But when I save the settings and reboot, nothing happens. when rebooting again, a "FAILED OVERCLOCKING" message appears , tried to adjust the CPU Core Voltage Override and/or DRAM Frequency but nothing worked. My build is: - ASUS Z170-K (Bios Version: .2003) - i5 6600e @ 3.3GHz - 2 X 8 Go GSkill DDR4 @ 2133 MHz (seen on Bios) or 1069MHz (seen on Speccy software) --> not sure about the RAM Frequency - GPU: GTX 970 - Win 7 integral edition Could my issue be linked to my BIOS version (as the one recommended in OC guide is the .0602)? If so, is it safe to flash BIOS to an older version (.2003 --> .602)? Or could this be linked the DRAM Frequency? Many thanks in advance for you help!
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