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  1. Hello I'm trying to submit my R20 cinebench score for my laptop. but I don't know what some of the things its asking for are, or how to simply import the text file here are my specs: CORES=4 THREADS=4 MHZ=3000.000000 PROCESSOR=Intel Core i5-7400 CPU (Yes DESKTOP CPU in LAPTOP that I UPGRADED: My Original Specs) CBTYPE=64 Bit OSVERSION=Windows 10, 64 Bit, Core (build 18363) CBCPU1=345.611211 CBCPUX=1246.217602 C4DINFO= C4DVERSION=20.060 C4DBUILDID=RBBenchmark281795 I just wanted to use XTU and it was working totally fine a week ago, now it keeps showing my ghz is a
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