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  1. I am playing around with overclocking a new nvidia 3080 (msi gaming x trio). I had no issues with overclocking a vega 64 via amd software previously through windows. When I installed msi afterburner I start experiencing BSODs without https://nox.tips/ ven touching the cont https://xender.vip/ ols. Does anyone have experience with overclocking nvidia gpus through windows?
  2. Just bought a second EVGA GTX 670 FTW for SLI. Sure enough it is not working on my old foxconn flaming blade X58 mobo. It will just hang on the logo screen, no mouse or keyboard lights. I have troubleshooted the shit out of this, both of my PCIe slots work alone with both the old and new cards, but together it will not start up. If I clear the CMOS I can get into the bios, but then upon restart from bios it hangs on the logo screen again. I need help, my Google fu has failed, and you are my only hope.blossomfurnishings.com/acrylic-rectangle-dining-table/
  3. It's my first time building a pc and Im interested of having a Ryzen 2600 cpu but I've been having second thoughts about it. I been doing lots of research to a point that im stuck in the middle of my choice thinking that im going to regret my choice in the future. hotmail.com So I just want to hear it first from Ryzen cpu users about what's the advantages of having a Ryzen because this choice has been killing me for the last few days and im going nowhere with my choice.
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