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  1. Thanks for looking into this and removing the anon submissions, that's all anyone can ever ask 😊
  2. The profile & score I pointed out are not mine. It looks like there are many, well, cheaters fudging XTU scores, as https://hwbot.org/benchmark/xtu/ shows every overclocking record over the statistical possibility being submitted by "anonymous". It's not hard to grant oversight and regulate such cheating, but it seems that HWBOT simply hasn't given it as much thought & effort as this Crime Room forum would lead you to hope for. You don't go from working hard to get into the 4,000 range to, all of a sudden, skipping up to entries in the 100,000's.
  3. https://hwbot.org/submission/4480326_slhogg_xtu_core_i7_6950x_130700_marks Given #1 ranking in Global scores...with an XTU of 130,700 o_O That's also 12.7x the next Global ranker. All [supposedly] managed with an i7 6-series @3830mHz.
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