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  1. The default voltage is not programmed into the bios.

    Each CPU has their default voltage (known as VID) set during the manufacturing process, as intel bins each cpu. CPU's which require less volts for stock clocks will have lower VID than the ones which require more voltage for the stock clocks. That's why you can have 2 cpus which are indentical and have the same batch and revision number yet they have different default voltage.


    oke so the VID in hwinfo is 1.135 currently i,m running at 4.2ghz with a vcore set in bios of 1.240v so what does the vid means then?

  2. The safest voltage for 24/7 usage , is the default one !!!


    For people that like to o/c their system and take some risk , up to 1.35 aircooled and 1.45 AIO is considered safe.


    the default voltage on my bord is 1.30v so.

    And yesd i like to overclock, depending on what cooler i have, but totally unformelir with skylake, and not having a bord to max the cpu i whant it at a overclock for 24/7 not for benching

  3. I wouldn't try to push it much harder in all honesty. 4.8GHz will most likely require a monumental leap in voltage, which isn't worth it. Give it a go, but I can see your 4.7GHz clock being the max.


    In general, I stay below 1.45 volts on ambient, but each to his own. I'd advise <1.4v for 24/7 personally. :)


    I,m not trying to go higher, i find 4.7ghz enough and that 100mhz extra with much more vcore is not word it.

    just wanted to no if the voltage for 4.7ghz is safe for 24/7 use, not on adeptive but all the time, so below 1.4v is no problem/ thx for your answer.


    only did a superpi test at 4.9ghz with 1.4v set in bios

  4. Hello guys, i have a 6600k with a cooler master hyper 212 evo.

    My question is the following, what is a safe voltage to set to let your cpu run on 24/7.

    I know it mostly deppends what temps you get, at 4.7ghz with a vcore set in bios at 1.330v and after running intel burn test at high setting i get a temp of the highest core of 75 degrees celsius, but the ambient temp is around 18 degrees, so i will expect that it goes i bit higher in the summer, but is the voltage safe to let it run on for 24/7 and are the temps oke

  5. For ambient cooling (stable?) 4.5 GHz are pretty good. You can't expect much more from Bloomfield CPUs without advanced subzero cooling.


    dont now if its stable, dont now if the vcore can go lower.

    just put in bios 1.4v and started at 35x133 (4.67) that give my a bluescreen, after that i put 34x133 in and it work, so mayby after some tweaking and different settings it can by stable, but dont now alot about tweaking this board.

  6. oke i have a quastion and i dont know if i,m in the wright forum.

    i want to see if this prossesor goes a bit higher or at 4.2 but temps lower.


    this is the setting i use for 4.2


    Multi 21

    Bclk 200

    QPI x36

    System Memory op x8 (1600Mhz)

    UnCore op x16 (3200) of x17 (3400)

    QPI volts op 1.355v

    and cpu vcore at 1.4


    turbo of

    llc level 2

    cie enable

    c state enable


    i get temps after 20 runs linx64 77 degrees


    my motherbord is a gigabyte x58a-ud7 rev 2,0

    cooling h100

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