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  1. Cheers Lee, he's sorted now. 👍
  2. Looking for 4 sticks of 8gb trident z, rgb or newer neo. Binning rejects totally fine as for a friend's daily. 3600cl16 (16-16-16) ideally, or something like 3200cl14's. Must be matched pairs or a full on quad kit. Shipping to UK.
  3. Doug2507

    Old VGA's

    Last bump before they get binned...
  4. Doug2507

    Old VGA's

    Anymore for any more? All offers considered...
  5. Doug2507

    Old VGA's

    Make an offer guys, don't be shy. Worst I can say is no...
  6. Doug2507

    Old VGA's

    Hey Luumi, long time no speak! No, sold those ages ago. Only cards I have left are those listed above. All PMs replied to. Obijaun, shoot me a pm with location, I'll get a shipping quote and we can take it from there. Matt, OK, 100 euro a card or best offer. 😁😉 Same but different. 👍
  7. Doug2507

    Old VGA's

    Collection of older GPU's suitable for HW pts, all sourced as working but largely untested by myself so being sold as such. Clearing out my loft and these have been sitting up there in a box since i quit benching. Struggling to price these as i've been out of OC'ing for so long, feel free to make what you think is a reasonable offer, you cover postage. Asus EAH4850 Asus GTS250 TOP DK. Boxed / accessories. GeForce GX2 (still has old clocks sticker on it, 645/825, no idea which 3DM though, guessing 01) Asus 6600GT XFX 6600GT XFX 7600GT 570M XFX 7600GT Fatal1ty 670M XFX 7600GT XXX 256 Zotac 8800GT Asus 8800GT BFG 8800GT 512 OCX FE Asus 8800GTS TOP. Boxed / accessories. 2 available. EVGA 8800GTS SC. 2 available, possibly 3 (can't confirm if its an SC). EVGA 8800GTX SC SOLD - Asus 9800GT TOP Palit 9800GT (512 G92-283-B1). SOLD - MSI GTX460 Hawk Talon Attack. Boxed. SOLD - MSI GTX460 Hawk Talon Attack. EVGA GTX460 SSC MSI GTX560Ti Hawk. 2 available. MSI GTX680 Lightning (has back plate, no cooler)
  8. Doug2507


    Sold pending payment.....
  9. Doug2507

    Gtx 1080ti

    Long time Heinrich, sure, give me a shout in PM.
  10. Doug2507


    Still looking....
  11. Doug2507

    Gtx 1080ti

    Still looking....
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