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  1. Doug2507


    Sold pending payment.....
  2. Doug2507

    Gtx 1080ti

    Long time Heinrich, sure, give me a shout in PM.
  3. Doug2507


    Still looking....
  4. Doug2507

    Gtx 1080ti

    Still looking....
  5. Doug2507


    Looking for 1070ti's. Shipping to UK. What you got?
  6. Doug2507

    Gtx 1080ti

    Looking for for GTX 1080ti, brand/model not important. If it's a blower then would prefer with waterblock. Not bothered about oc potential. Shipping to UK.
  7. Doug2507

    Strong 7700k

    Sold anyway dude.
  8. Doug2507

    Strong 7700k

    Yeah, make me an offer was at original price. No way i'll let it go for retail. It's a 24/7 5.3 retail chip on ambient, nvm cold.
  9. Doug2507

    Strong 7700k

    450. Giving it away.
  10. Doug2507

    Strong 7700k

    500 euro. Looking to get this sold asap.
  11. Doug2507

    Strong 7700k

    Bump, make an offer, worst i can say is no!
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