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  1. Has anyone tested a 10900k with a unify x? Ordered one but just wanted to know what people are doing with them.
  2. Any settings I should change to find max frequency I can get stable? Using 1.4 io 1.35 sa and 1.6 dram
  3. Are you using the ATX or ITX? It looks like you are using the ATX but I am using the ITX.
  4. What is this bios version called? Also should "Memory Fast Boot" be set to enabled when starting my overclock so that sub timings train?
  5. Best bios for 2x16? I am currently using latest public bios and on my 2x16 ripjaws v 4266 c16 1.5v kit I can't go higher than 4300mhz speed. No matter what happens I can't get past this wall. Would a different bios change this? Using a 10900k.
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