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  1. I guess Ocer are not waiting to complain.... if anyone had spotted something, then you should be already aware 😛
  2. 100% Agree... thinking about it since the end but no idea of what is the "right" decision... As on Ocer, loosing qualification because of this "small" detail will make me mad. Both Ocer have good enough result do stay in top12 what ever driver they used... On the other hand if I'm any of #13 and #14 I will be mad to see not allowed result taking "my" spot . And if "we" break the rule for this, then next competition why not using wrong driver again, wrong benchmark... So good luck with this dilemma !!! At then end some will complain, no matter what. And tks to all mod that work behind the scene and are stretch between OCers, Brands... Hope to see you in Vietnam next month guys
  3. Can you please confirm that we need fullrun valid, but only GT score is used for ranking ? I hope so because if not, that mean all people with less than 6c/12t CPU have big disadvantage now while it didn't matter before... SuperPi don't need cores not HT, same for mem frequency, same for gpupi, same for Time Spy (X).. but if overall and not gt score for ranking....
  4. @Mickahave you tried to submit GT only on 3DMark ? When I try it I have this error : "Your result has the following problem(s): Non-default settings were used in benchmark. Score could not be calculated. (What is this?)" It's a problem, I think, because this message is also showing when you tweak driver... That mean we won't be able to see if OCer did GT only or also tweak driver. I don't care, I just need to know how to fight and I don't want an unfair battle, but I'm agree that final decision should be quick !!!! As we don't need high CPU frequency and don't need tight mem for 3D bench (GT score) then doing full run is not difficult, it's only 30sec and with CPU et MEM not on the edge it's easy to handle... I guess doing full run is safer until final decision
  5. Hi, " Screenshot must contain CPU-Z CPU, memory and SPD tab and GPU-Z for 3D stages " For 3D stage only main GPU-Z or also sensor TAB ? I'm still waiting my pot and backplate to start benching... as I don't have any other galax video card.... I hope to get it soon, less than 10 day for this high level contest, with work, family... and as we all spent 2000$ on galax hardware I guess we all hope to have enough time to bench it properly. By the way, the OCer who got practice in GALAX OC LAB are alowed to join the qualification ? are the qualified already for final ? GL to everyone.
  6. ... pathetic behavior. Sometime you find a tweak and you are not 100% sure if it's legit or not, but here it obvious. First of all we need to find be 100% sure to find a way to know if a result use this cheat or not. Ban an innocent is the worst thing that could happen. Then when you are 100% sure, make a public list of cheater and...SHAME SHAME SHAME , then BAN HAMMER
  7. Motherbaord is sold B-die and CPU still available
  8. Hi, I sell some hardware components with a friend of me : -i7 5960X @6GHz+ It's a really good CPU, it can bench Cinbench R15 @6015 MHz, even 6030 one time but score was not as good as 6015 result. score was made on MSI x99 MB 750€ without shipping https://d1ebmxcfh8bf9c.cloudfront.net/u26777/image_id_1786548.png -Rampage 5 Extreme (isolation with Vaseline). Motherbaord is working fine but no box, no bundle. 100€ without shipping -G.skill B-die 3600 c16. 150€ without shipping Picture of product incomming For shipping fees let me know your country Free motherboard if you take the CPU + MEM
  9. Not sure this is "legal", better ask him before I will try to talk to him to see if I can help. I'm sure "you" will find a solution, keep cool (you and him) !!! Have a good day, Wiz
  10. Well, it seems that he know you pretty well I'm kidding ! I hope you will find a solution. As far as I know he is not a bad person and most of the time people don't have to complain about is price/services. Maybe just bad luck on this one. I bought "same" cpu month ago (from Zwitterion), but it is still in his box, no time to test it. I will try and let you know ASAP. IF it's a barely 6.7 R15 chip I will report him also, French friend or not it doesn't matter. When you buy a pre bin CPU you can have 10-20 MHz less, but 80 MHz is "too much". 6780 is a really good chip. 6700 is a average+. Honestly, as every OCer, I already had the same issue, sold a good CPU and buyer can't bench it as high as me, and also the opposite, sell 5.7 chip and buyer benched it at 5.8+ . Don't know why... You test it on APEX ? For IHS it can make difference and help to avoid crack. But if you don't have crack, and use same TIM then frequency should be closed.
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