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  1. 7 hours ago, bscool said:

    The best bios for me has been the 2v bios Also I see you iol/rtls are "drifting" that will hurt performance and cause stability issues.


    Also some of your timings maybe too tight. In my experience with z490 Unify, they make it much harder to get stability and need more voltage but do whatever works for you. Note those timings being so tight also make it harder to get iol/rtl tight and aligned Ideally you want something like 7/7/7/7 or 8/8/8/8. You can use Dragon Ball that is in the first post to verify them in Windows. Select Memory Channel A and then B in Windows to verify they are not "drifting/changing"


    For locking in iol/rtl "Boot into bios checking RTL/IOLs. May need to boot multiple times.

    To "save" RTL/OILs. Once trained to what you want, set training to none, it is called Memory Fast Boot on the z490 Unify. No other way to do it that I know of.

    Edit Dynamic will give lower RTL/IOLs than Fixed for Latency Timing Mode."



    Unify 4400-16.png

    Unify 4400-16 (1).png

    What is this bios version called? Also should "Memory Fast Boot" be set to enabled when starting my overclock so that sub timings train?

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