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  1. Thx bro ))) We are big lover P.S give me plz your contact, icq or something else
  2. this problem occurs when you close explorer.exe which drives the test, to captures again to start the service explorer.exe and not visible in the taskbar window wprime.
  3. Massman thanks for the clarification I try too upgrade my scores in october on semprons 145 )
  4. I mean submit my old WR. If i right understand you, its not a problem?
  5. can i use sempron in unlock mode? ) I think no, but better ask. Heh... i think its my turn to win this competition . Hope my ud3p will be back from warranty. ( baby die :`( )
  6. omg,better to be silent than talk nonsense http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1009281_nick.ua_cpu_z_phenom_ii_x6_1055t_6230_mhz
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