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Appraisal: Asus Rampage Extreme (X48) + Q9650 + 8GB Memory.


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Seeking appraisel on the following kit.


1 ASUS Rampage Extreme

1 Intel Q9650

8GB Corsair 1333Mhz CL09


The REX been cleaned and looks like new - All TIM and Thermal pads been changed - No bent or broken pins in socket.

At futher inspection and after testing the motherboard it seems like the previous owner had a slight overload on the PCIEX16_1 - It Works 50/50 (Tested with a GTX 560TI 2GB), but should be appraised as NOT WORKING. PCIEX16_2 Works perfectly, as do everything else on the board. The Whole board been inspected and tested for 24 hours - No errors or problems - Temps at NB are well within safe zone (There been a batch of these where the NB cooler did not fit well, resulting in a high NB temperature)


Does NOT come with the following: Original packaging, LCD poster, Waterblock for NB. This is a barebone REX in perfect condition (Except the one PCIEX) - Good for a bencher etc.


No packaging for Q9650 - Works 100%.


Corsair Memory been tested in MEMTEST for 24hours at rated speed, no errors.

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