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6800 AGP results


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Collection of wrong results....mainly Nvidia 6800 PCX in AGP categ.


This is an Opteron 144 (socket 939) in a Lanparty NF4-D running an 6800AGP card (see ORB link)

THIS MOBO NOT HAVE AGP SLOT.....so, please move to the correct category



This is an PCI-X 6800 in an AGP categ....NV41 (see rivatuner) is PCX if i´m not mistake...



Another PCX in AGP categ...see his sign (Abit ip35-pro + 6800GS)....THIS MOBO HAVENT AGP.

So it´s clear it´s an PCX in the AGP categ. Please, move to the correct categ.





I have also the 4CoredDual-SATA2 with ALL mods possible....this mobo can do 350-370 max (the record is 359,

i saw an screenshot of this).....See this results doing more than 450 x 9...do you really think this is posible in a

SATA2/VSTA...i think is a no-no.....suspice 6800PCX in AGP categ...none of the following URLs supply a CPU-Z

showing mobo or any sign of AGP card....


7 x 460 ....



9 x 451 ....you must calculate ( aq3, e6850 at 4060Mhz)



9 x 430 ....



I dont know any motherboard with the 775 slot and AGP slot other than SATA2/VSTA...and like i said can´t pass

370 fsb...so they must have a SUPER-UNKNOW motherboard or they simply cheat....


If you can give me some screenshot of a SATA2/VSTA doing more than 380 fsb i will invite you to some good

german beer!, xD.

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