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STORM1978 - Radeon R9 290 - 23857 marks Catzilla - 576p


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So you reported my submission because it lacks a photo of the PC. I will upload one for you. You will get a lot more help by asking questions. I would have been more than happy to offer overclocking advice -- if you ask. It is hard to work your way to the top by disqualification -- especially for non-required items. If you have a question about setup, please ask. I have been a HWBOT member for a long time. It is almost impossible to turn down a information request from my fellow HWBOT brothers. Best of wishes to your overclocking. Now you woke me up so I will have to beat my #4 score just to prove a point. Remember, the goal is to have fun and show me how smart you are. I am waiting ....... and will help if asked.

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The goal as you said is to have fun but also to compete by the rules. As i have already taken down several of my results because of what other members reported for not having a photo of my pc included.

Tell me stupid by i always play by the rules, even if this doesn't always help me not just here but also in life.

No hurt feelings here, i don't want to start a war and i always like to give and to be getting help by fellow hwbot oc members.

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As i stated above, i also removed some of mine results due to that. I know that everyone should verify his/hers cooling type of his/hers pc in order to get categorized acordingly.

In other words i could have used LN2 to OC a bit further my pc and submit a better result as an Enthousiast instead of Pro OC'er. Who would know it, right? That's why i reported your submittion, i for myself already removed 10 results of mine.

If there is a problem about it, then please accept my apologies and i ask a moderator to erase the report.

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