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Cooler advice for overclocking


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I almost finished my new rig and want to have really smart advice for long time period which cooler to buy. I have very delicate taste and want to see offers. Budget is quiet not impressive, but considering that all rig was made from good parts, I don't want poor quality products.

I have 4690k on Asus Z97-K powered by 750W modular CS750M PSU.

I was considering to buy H60 and would like to know what I can get from it and how much I can overclock my cpu?

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U know I never really was into air cooling that much, always just went with water it is was ambient temperature overclocking, however I got in a NH-D15 and I have to say it is very impressive. It not only does as well as my AIO the Antec Khuler 920, but it also is very silent and always makes perfect contact with the CPU, i think I read somewhere that it has a slightly convex base that makes perfect contact with the center of the CPU, but every time I pull off the heatsink the contact is perfectly even.


You know how in the US they say German engineering is precise and well thought out, well Noctua really does live up to that saying (they are an Austrian company, but idk if its correct to group them with Germans). I really didn't think I would be impressed by an air cooler, but damn I was impressed. The product is just awesome in almost every way, except its price is very high and its huge. You can get the NH-D14 its just the older variant of the D15 and should be a bit cheaper.

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