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overclicking gf8500gt


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hi i have asus en8500gt its a silent card (fanless) i managed to oc it to 702/477 and now i have question i worry about this card at this point so will it sooner burn or just produce artifacts/hang when i ll go and overclock it further? currently if i run 3dmark it has ~96centigrades at 702/477

what would u recommend? quiting overclocking or trying it further...


ps. this cards gpu overclocks by 27mhz tick so its not as safe as fluent overclocking by 10mhz or so on


ps2. im not gonna overclock memorys anymore coz it hanged on 5xx/490 so i droped mem to xxx/477 and no further mem oc is planed


thx for any replies

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I used Vista 32.. I don't know, the card looked pretty weak. It's not mine, it's a friend's. I borrowed it because I had some problems.


It was so weak, that I couldn't even play Counter Strike @ 1280*1024..


Sorry for my bad English :P

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