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XTU and incorrect values when OC'ed Via BIOS

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I'm Sorry if I posted this is in the wrong section. Im not exactly where it belongs. But anyway... I have several OC submissions using XTU and most seem to score rather low, I know that its just a number, but if i use a downloaded setting you would think it would benchmark nearly the same. but thats not why im posting this. If you have any advice or maybe an Idea on why that is happening, Please let me know.


The real reason that I'm here is that XTU seems to not always report correct values. If i OC via the BIOS, It doesn't show the correct values. The screenshot attached shows my BIOS settings Via CPUZ. No throttling occurred during the benchmark. The values listed in XTU DO NOT reflect the BIOS but the benchmark ran with BIOS settings. Yeah, I Know... it doesn't make any sense to me either. If i try to manually Adjust the XTU sliders to reflect what my settings are in BIOS, I BSOD, as expected.

The link (http://hwbot.org/submission/2866761) for my ref clock, ran with the Bios Settings, But did not reflect the values in XTU either. It is fully verified Via CPUZ, but the XTU bench mark run did not have the correct settings listed.


I have a feeling that this is why I'm scoring low on some benchmarks. Whatever XTU thinks its running at is incorrect and causing a Pseudo benchmark result, take the Screenshot for example. XTU thinks that im running at 102.5*56 but im actually running at 82*56. so when i analyze against other benches on hwbot, i score incredibly low because it saw it as 5.74 GHz and not 4.59. (link for explanation http://hwbot.org/xtu/analyze/2880104)


Thanks for reading and any help would be awesome.

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