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[FS] G.Skill SEC D


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Greetings guys. Today I have two pretty similar Samsung based kits, and I'm gonna sell one of these. To make things more interesting, I'm putting both kits on sale, whichever sells first.

Both kits are native quad channel G.Skill 2400c9 Samsung kits, TridentX and RipjawsZ.



Unfortunately, I found my R4E mobo to have vDIMM cap at 1.9v mark, so I can't provide you proper 2800c9 screenshots. I decided to show how high these sticks can go at 1.9v with cas9.

Both kits were tested on X79, in quad channel, so provided results may underestimate these sticks comparing to possible results on Z97.


PS Tested with CPU under SS and air cooled RAM (+23C ambient)




1) F3-2400C9Q-16GTXD


I've got this kit from ebay several months ago. Haven't tested it much. This one isn't aimed at X79 so it feels a bit tricky at this platform. Do 2720c9/thin subs at 1.9v. Very good, clean condition, like new.




2) F3-19200CL9Q-16GBZMD


This kit came to me directly from G.Skill as a replacement for my old 2200c7 Pi kit. Almost unused, never on cold, heatspreaders never removed, with full original package, fans, G.Skill sticker etc. X79 related kit, highest bin for this platform. Easy to tweak, no unexpected behavior.

Do 2720c9/thin subs at 1.9v, pretty much same as tridents. (Or maybe I'm capped with something else and both kits can do much better :P)




Lot#1: 200 Euro shipped. - Sold to Perica_barii


Lot#2: 230 Euro + shipping (original box is quite huge, shipping cost will depend on destination)


PS Worldwide shipping, paypal payment.

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