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Socket A CPU top-down heatsink, clip mount only!


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For old testing/download PC I would like quiet cooler, something like Thermalright SI-97A (or Gigabyte G-Power Pro or Gigabyte G-Power BL with Socket A bracet):






The cooler must have the top-down airflow, so it cool the hot mosfets and caps near the CPU (they are heated up pretty much) and also it have to accept at least 92mm fan (for replacement to quiet Noiseblocker fan).


The most problematic part is, that the Soltek SL-KT600-R mainboard have NO HOLES near that CPU socket, so only heatsinks that attach to the ZIF socket are usable. The Zalman CNPS 7000Cu is not usable as well, as many other CPU heatsinks that require these nice installation holes... damn.


So, suggestions? And no, ebay search turned out as no results for Thermalright SI-97A :(


Another possible solution is Gigabyte G-Power Pro cooler:





Now it does provide the mosfet cooling (hoooooray!) and the Pro version have Socket A (462) support! Hoooray. I want it. Sadly I find they selling only the Lite versions in Czech shops, so I think I have to look elsewhere.


The "Pro" version definitively support K7 (Socket A/Socket 462 - whatever you can call it)


IMHO the Lite vesion just does not have the clip's, but getting anyone that do have the K7 clip for Gigabyte G-Power cooler might be quite a challenge, but when I find that guy, I can buy the lite version of the cooler...


Yet another possible solution is Gigabyte G-Power BL (GH-PDU21-SC), but seems only old version of it have the K7 bracket:


K7 All Series


Todays sold versions do NOT have it:


Replaced by K8 All Series...


Witch make me wonder, if anyone have either one of these coolers (with K7 bracket), or spare K7 bracket for them :confused:

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