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Search in hardware library not working well


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By browsing my Hardware Library, I discovered plenty of my errors when entering the hardware. I aim to correct them all, but... a problem happens. To be precise, two major ones:



1) at the memory tab, it claims that I have some DDR3 Mushkin rams. This is not true, it is probably a remnant after the "DDR3 by default" bug, but I should check it better... so anyway, there is:

Mushkin DDR3 SDRAM - 1

Mushkin DDR3 SDRAM Enhanced - 1


So I hoped, that by clicking on the "1" I get link to the one test, where I have wrongly entered DDR3 rams and I fix it. But no!


I get full pages full of results:



...and none of them show the DDR3 Mushkin/Mushkin Enhanced rams in question. Clicking on next button bellow the results yiels no result at all.


2) at the graphic cards tab, I discovered, that I cannot change this Aquamarks score:


to Rage 128 PRO graphic card that was really used, not the Rage Fury Pro that I never had.

Next up is the R 9600 XT. It is a HIS card, but for some scores I either forget to specify HIS or I put there Ati wrongly, as maker of the card.

To correct the mistake I want to search for the 6 cases of "Ati" as maker of my R 9600 XT. But the search did not give me anything usefull again:


None of the searched results contain the "Ati" maker :(

And button to next page cause only "Modify your search query." failure as showed up before. :(


No way to find the nVidia made GeForce 6800 GT AGP too: http://url.hwbot.org/1x4wprJ

(that card is PNY made and I 42x forget to add that maker, causing it to default to nVidia... suxxx!)


Same for 9 cases of "nVidia" GeForce 210 DDR2 (GT218) 64bit card:


Instead of 9 rusults I got plenty... so, are there any way to fix this or how can I modify the search to get what I want?

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