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New Ram, New Problems


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My old rig had a C2D E6300 running @ 3398Mhz, with 2x1GB DDR2 667Mhz Team Elite Dimms.


Since i wasnt able to push the dimms farther than 980mhz (at 2.25v)i decided to buy some new ones.


I bought 2x1GB DDR2 800Mhz Team Elite Dimms.


After instaling (removed the oc to stock, but left it all in manual) them i booted the pc and ran Prime95 and a Memtest for 1 hour, to let them settle in. After that, i let the pc cool for a bit and rebooted to enter the bios.


I went to raise the frequency, but at about +50mhz it wouldnt boot, so i raised a voltages to the ones i found to be safe under the old dimms (2.1v)

but it wouldnt boot, so i settled for 2.05v. This time it did boot, and i ran prime95 and memtest at the same time for 8 hours straight. a few errors found.


So next i started to OC it a bit, but even if i raised the FSB and let the dimms at 800mhz by altering the multiplier the pc would boot. (not even upping the NB voltage helped)


Next i did a old 'lets see what happens' thing, so i put the FSB at 401(cuz P5B-e has a fsb wall betwen 320 and 400mhz), lowered the voltages as far as the mobo let me at 1.8v and changed the ratio to get the Ram at 802. It did boot and was stable in Prime and memtest for 8 hours, till i stoped it.


Then i started upping the frequency, but at about 90+ mhz it got unstable, os i upped the voltage, but it got even more unstable


Id hope you guys could give me some info on what im doing wrong (timings, burn in, setup....) cuz i never seen dimms get unstable if in the recommended voltage range by the provider.

Do i need more burning in?



Heres are the system specs:


C2D E6300 @1.86Ghz (stock speed)

Asus P5B-e Plus

2x1GB DDR2 800 Mhz

LC Power 550 Watt PSU

ATI Shapphire Radeon X1950Pro


The Rig was being cooled by a AC unit (CPU on 100% usage at 29ºC) with a Thermaltake TR2 cooler. (80mm 2800RPM fan)

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