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Ati 4850 Powercolor Does it need flashing or flash MOBO??


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I don't want to be a crashing bore so ill get to the point-


I have a 4850 ATI Power color Card for 1 year with no problems but very recently problems have developed.




The Display Driver Crashes as soon as Catalyst software is pushed up to 1200MHz/700MHz complete system failure blue screen and then auto restart.


System Only runs now at Default stock 950MHz/625MHz


PSU is CIT 700w here is a link to is http://www.scan.co.uk/products/750w-...dual-12v-rails




Possible points i have heard about?


* Is Power supply Amp powerful enough (if so how was it able to run for so long with no problems?

* Failure PCI-E Port Mother board is Less then 4 moths old Here is the Board http://www.gigabyte.com/products/pro...px?pid=2960#ov

* Driver Failure

* Random Ram errors causing cascade effect through system 1 yr old Ram.

* Corruption from Microsoft Update errors



What i have done so far


* Ran the system with individual Ram cards in to see if i can isolate the BSOD problem

* complete reneawal of 4870ati card + mobo

* 6x Reinstaled OS 64Bit

* 2x Ubuntu 64Bit

* Complete removal of hardware cleaned and electrostaticaly discharged

* 3dr party software to find drivers or delet damaged drivers

* arfter system faluiare o/s needed to be started in low rez mode just to be able to restart the system to uninstall catlyest to then start all over again.

* I have installed from version 8 to latest version driver software.

* there has been no change to the symptoms it has stayed constant throught.



Should i do this?


* Flash the bois

* Flash the mobo







CPU Intel Quad Processor Q6600 8M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 1066 M


Motherboard GA-P43-ES3G intel® P43 + ICH10 Chipset


Power Supply700w IT Black Edition CIT750UB 750W 120" Fan


CPU cooling Thermalright Ultra 2 X 120" Fan Extreme Push/Pull


Graphics Card PowerColor PCS HD4850 1GB HDMI


GPU cooling PowerColor Stock


OS 64Bit Vista Ultimate Monitor


Sound Card from Mobo




Hard Drive x 2


Case Mod


30" + 19"




If you need any more info just ask... This is a reall puzzle for me any help would be greatly apreshated.

(Sorry for my spelling im not very good at wrighting stuff down)

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