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Delidded 6700K with GC Extreme TIM

TheGoat Eater

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$350 shipped


Did 5@1.42v for me once (into 7) and 4.9 was no issue at 1.36v - though this was before delidding



didn't do better than 5.7 on ln2 in my tests




1.28 vid /// all auto @ 42x = 1.232 vid


@ 4.6/1.32v was able to do cinebench 11.5 np with an TT AIO cooler (used MX-4 between the two), I also tested with OCCT at 1.4v @ 4.6 in a 22C/74F room and it stayed stable right at 34C. The GC Extreme really is amazing TIM.


I did not reseal the lid, so you will need to be careful when installing and handling it.


YMMV of course



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