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crossfireX running on XP and submitting as dual gfx

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We all know crossfireX isn't suported on windows XP, but I see results posted as 2 x 3870X2 crossfireX and in there screen shot it shows they are running Windows XP.


Is this this ok?


I mean I could run 01 or AM3 in XP with 2 x 3870X2's and get a way better score than having to use vista to actually be running 2 cards, not just having the 2nd card sitting there doing nothing.....

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It dosnt help? lol.


In some benchmarks 1 x 3870X2 in XP is faster than 2 x 3870X2 in Vista.


So it's ok to run XP, essentally disabling 1 card, but getting a higher score? Thats all I want to know, coz I can get better scores also if I do this. Just seems kinda stupid to submit as crossfire then tho don't it.

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have you checked the scores you linked before you posted... :-/


Ok, sry for rant. I just looked at those links.


I can easly see why someone would run XP with crossfireX config and not put to much thought into it with the 2nd card being non active during benching.


It's hard enough benching on a all air system with Vista.


Thanks for taking action and appoliges again for my rant.

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