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Phill's Random Clearout thread!!


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PCI Brackets




One's never been used and the other hardly been used at all. £10 each plus postage.


Dimas Tech Bench Table






I've had it for a while, bought from a friend but never really used it. It's not in bad nick, Would like rid as it's just taking up space and I have no need for it! Even include a DVD-RW as well.. Didn't realise it was in there still!! £75


Crossfire/SLI cables/fittings




Offer me something or if you buy something else, I'll throw them in for free!! £ Postage!


Adaptec 5405 retail boxed card




Comes complete with retail SAS cables as well. Software CDs and drivers too. Beautiful bit of kit, worked flawlessly when I used it, saying that it's hardly been used!! I did upgrade the firmware on it which I believe helped a fair bit with the performance. I do have some SAS drives as well (see below) that I would do a deal on to get rid of the lot. £100 for the card. If you'd like the two extra 0.5m connection cables, I can do them together for £40(??) as I originally paid £100 for the two..


IBM and Seagate SAS Drives




All are 74Gb models, these where bought years ago now for £500 for the Seagate drives alone. The IBM's aren't as fast but they work. The IBM drives are 74Gb each and 10k drives. The Seagates are the better Cheetah models, 15k5, they are massively quick even for SAS drives. With my Adaptec 5805 card, I was able to produce over 1Gb/sec performance for read and write speeds. The are 74Gb and 15k drives. As you can see 2 IBM drives and 8 Seagate Cheetahs. For the IBMs £10 each. For the Seagate drives, £15 each. If you have the lot and the two extra cables and the Adaptec 5405 card as well, will do the card and all the drives with the two cables for £220.


Fans and heatsinks




Randoms are us!!

The left side cooler I believe is a Thermalright SI-128. Sadly the connections on the base of the cooler have broken but I think that if the clips come out, you could use some small M4 hex or cap heads and screw them in to it like a water cooling block. £10 posted again

The middle cooler is a Gigabyte 939 cooler, so would go perfectly fine with the DFI LanParty board I'm selling as that's where it came from. As far as I know, it works completely fine. If I find any other random bits I'll guess it's to go with this. £10 posted or with the DFI board, we'd work something out.

I have no idea what the right side cooler is called I can't remember!! £10 with postage (I think it's socket A or 939 or something... Can't for the life of me remember what!)

The fans that I have for sale are near as damn it brand new Yate Loon SH12H (I think that's the number!) Boxes have been thrown out but all are either brand new or slightly used. I'll make sure they are clean before they go... I believe they retail for £5 or so each, I'm after £3.50 or so. If you want a few, let me know, we will work something out :)


Temperature Sensor




Bought from Ebay, never used. £18 including postage.


Kingston SSDs V300 120Gb




I have two of these for sale, no problems with either. Used for 2D and 3D benching for OS installs. Not more or if a year old, but £25 each

Everything is open to offers. Please no low balling as I'm trying to clear it out as quickly as I can and with doing so I have tried to price accordingly.


If you would like a combination or a bundle of things, then we can work out a price :)

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Thread will be closed as I'm away for a few days. The TridentX will be held on to and I will try and find buyer a PM just to find out if still wanted.


New thread/s will be opened on my return as a few more items coming up for sale. Apologises for any and all bunnybird ups, stressful time at the moment fighting in court for my daughter..


Anyone still interested in anything, please drop me a line, I'll reply as and when I can. Cheers!

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