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5960X + Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion


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My latest gaming rig that I have changed my mind over. I have a Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion motherboard and a cherry picked 5960X bundle. In short I bought the CPU for £1000, that's exactly what I'm hoping to sell it for. Reason for the price was the fact it would manage beastly overclocks, with minimum of fuss. I have managed to get it running 4.5Ghz @ 1.15vcore for any bench test I have thrown at it (EXCLUDING XTU.... It's never been run) I have also had 4.6Ghz working at 1.20vcore as well. The furthest I have managed to get this without going nuts on the vcore is 4.75Ghz @ 1.25vcore. I haven't ran every single test on this CPU at that speed but Cinebench 15 will run flawlessly and without fault. If you try to run HWBot x265 4k it will need more voltage I believe. A previous owner managed 5.8Ghz+ under LN2 with this CPU and it was the better of the ones he had for ambient testing. I will do the board and CPU together for £1150 posted via Special Delivery because of the value of the hardware. I will make sure it is insured for the full amount. I am NOT the original owner of the board but I have included the invoice from the original owner. This setup has not been abused nor have I hardly used it. Bought it wanting to build a massive gaming system and then realised, what the hell am I doing... It's got to go!!


Just moved this from my Intel thread to a thread on it's own, I thought it might have been worthy!

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Just wondered if a few pics might help


http://valid.x86.fr/j1iptp - 4.88Ghz Validation


http://imgur.com/BZB2ZH4 - 4.50Ghz CB15 @ 1.15vcore

http://imgur.com/CxFtKqr - 4.50Ghz HWBOT x265 4k @ 1.15vcore


http://imgur.com/hujor3k - 4.60Ghz CB15 @ 1.16vcore

http://imgur.com/Hiy2MIe - 4.60Ghz HWBOT x265 @ 1.20vcore


http://imgur.com/jTGhao3 - 4.75Ghz CB15 @ 1.25vcore

http://imgur.com/GHfNlos - 4.75Ghz Geekbench 3 @ 1.25vcore


I hope that's of some use to everyone who might be interested..


Here's some 3D Mark CPU testing below -


http://imgur.com/oDBAixG - 4.50Ghz 3D Vantage @ 1.15vcore - CPU tests

http://imgur.com/A1hXn58 - 4.50Ghz 3D 11 @ 1.15vcore - CPU tests

http://imgur.com/fngCYy6 - 4.50Ghz 3D 13 @ 1.15vcore - CPU tests


If I remember correctly, I believe that the cache volts never went over 1.20v and that was for x46 or so I think. But in the screen shots, I believe x45 was around 1.175v, so definitely 1.20v should cover it.

Input volts was 1.90v (ish, I can't remember exactly)


The CPU was tested with a Rampage 5 but that was sold..


If there's any questions or if anyone is interested, please drop me a line. I'd love for this to go to a good home :)

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Adding in screenshots for verification...
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Guest TheMadDutchDude

It's such a gem of a CPU. I hope it goes to somewhere nice. Thumbs up for a great seller and friend. :)

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Thread will be closed as I'm away for a few days. The TridentX will be held on to and I will try and find buyer a PM just to find out if still wanted.


New thread/s will be opened on my return as a few more items coming up for sale. Apologises for any and all bunnybird ups, stressful time at the moment fighting in court for my daughter..


Anyone still interested in anything, please drop me a line, I'll reply as and when I can. Cheers!

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