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Hi guys, I would like to ask you a question(hope this is the right session).

This sunday I will going to bench with my Blackops+QX9650 on Win Vista.

With the actual bios Cpu-z in Vista show only 6X multiplier with QX9650.

My question is:

will be my results valid on hwbot also if cpu-z show a wrong cpu frequency?

Do you accept setfsb or Crystal cpuID with also Cpu-z?


Edit: with FM link to Orb will be ok?


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Hello; is this a know issue with a certain BIOS release on the board? Or do all of them suffer this misreading? If you include CPU-Z + Crystel CPU-ID and ORB for benches; I see no big issue here; certainly not if you link back to this thread where you mentioned the bug.


can anybody confirm this behavior? Don't have a blackops mobo lying around;)


Yes, with bios P04 or previously this bug is a know problem.:(

I don't know if G28 bios solve this problem.

So with a screen and FM Orb will be no problem right?


This is an example:



Cpu-z show only 6X multiplayer, Setfab show the exact cpu frequency, 420x10.


Many tks for your time:)

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