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ASUS Dual RX 460 OC (O2G) Help gettng back to originial bios.


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hey guys i followed the overclocking guide on how to get the RX 460 unlocked and it worked gr8.


was using it perfectly and i loved the extra oomph however i wanted to put the bios back to normal so i can sell the card as im getting a new upgrade soon and wanted to ask if anyone knew where i can get the original bios so that i can flash it back to normal so it will install propperly on someone elses computer.


i did use the backup bios batch file before i flashed and accidently used it after i had flashed it as well so impretty sure ive lost my original backup and backed up my flashed .



now can anyone tell me of a way i can restore this card back to normal that would be super awesome.


cheers guys.

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