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R9 290 0.95v rail mod - bricked card?


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Hello everyone,

I'm new as a member here, yet I was looking for advice here for more than 10 years now.

I felt the need to join and start a new thread because I need help, if there could be any.


I attempted the notorious 0.95v rail mod on my R9 290, which seemed to work ok, initially. The PC booted successfully, got into Windows, played a little Doom 4, run furmark for a while, then attempted to overclock. In MSI Afterburner Maximized AUX voltage and Memory clock and raised the voltage to +200mv, raised the core to the point furmark froze. Then I tried adjusting the variable resistor which I soldered before. The rail measure was showing 0.94v to that point. After some adjustment I got a black screen, I restarted and since then I was getting black screens or blue screens in windows, distorted image in bios.

Then I disassembled the card and removed the soldered wires. Since then no screen at all - all black.

Any was of diagnosing what went wrong and a possible way to resurrect my card?


Thank you in advance

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Guest Wimpzilla

You should post also the other set of pictures here instead than on OCN.


The only advice i would give it's to clean everything and try again. The best would be to use a hot air station, unsolder the the IC, clean/wick the pads, check for shorts and resolder the IC in a clean way.


You still have 0.95v on the rail even if the card do not boot?


Be sure to clean your ground solder point, i would not advice to use the screw mounting as ground, use another spot. Check that you did not link some pcb layer together on that screw mount.


You don't need this mod until you push the card with LN2 or fancy stuff, i hit 1280mhz stable on my 290 without any mod other than bios on water.

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