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2x 3870 x2 aquamark and 3d01 scores?

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I just looked through a lot of the scores for aquamark and 3dmark 01 and the majority of them dont have gpuz screens which is the only way to really know that Two 3870 x2's were actually used.? How else could you know that 4gpus were enabled? [crossfirex 2x 3870 x2]


So instead of me listing the many results that dont have sufficient proof, could a mod please take a look through them.


Aside from the insufficient proof thing Im baffled how someone can get 300k plus with 2x 3870x2 in aquamark using vista, I know its possible in xp with a single 3870 x2, try running the same set up in vista and you see a drop of 90k!

anyway most of them just show the aquamark screen and nothing else?



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ygpm. I prefer not to post the links here. I will just let you check them in discretion, then you can decide what to do.

I just think that considering the amount of times hwbot has publicised what is required for valid submissions that people

should by now be aware that Valid submissions are what is required.


I understand that with so many submissions that the hwbot crew find it difficult to keep up.

Harware is being released it seems at an unprecendented rate, along with that new categories etc.


This particular category I understand is a difficult one to moderate and not actually that easy to get gpuz screens with drop down box shown to 'validate' what cards were used. the only way I found to do this is with the paint program, otherwise the drop down box on gpuz closes when you click to snap the screen.

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Well how do you know if those scores were run with crossforex? meaning 2x 3870 x2's?

If no gpuz screens are shown then the cards used could be anything, thats my point.

A higher score is achieved using 1x 3870x2. keep the same settings and add the extra card and the score will drop by 90-100k in vista.


Can you see what im getting at?

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Thats a very good point Maxine! So therefore scores before the launch of drivers that actually worked in crossfirex would not have been achieved with 2 cards! Like I said if I put in 2 cards, disable one and run aquamark I hit around 270k. enable the other card [crossfirex]

The score drops by 80-90k!! At the very least any score without a gpuz screen is very dubious.

I see the top 3 guys have gpuz screens which Prove 4 gpus are enabled, after that it gets very hazy and uncertain.


That must be what it is then, anyone know when crossfirex came into play? in regard to the actual drivers enabling all four gpus?

This has been my problem, really regardless if the aquamark scores were submitted before or after the may08 hwbot rule, in the case of crossfirex submissions, the only way to know 4gpus are enabled [crossfirex] is a gpuz screen shot.

Therefore, in theory you could run a single 3870x2 before may08 and call it two cards, get a high score. you may have had 2 cards installed in your mobo but only one would have been enabled! and gpuz would have shown that. I can prove it!

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Don't know about 2x3870X2 and other 4x-gpu configurations but I have only ~10k drop in AM3 score compares 2x4850 in XP and 3x4850 in Vista:


3x4850@925/1125 - Vista - 272k:



2x4850@935/1135 (clocks on video little higher and xp was tweaked little better than vista) - XP - 284k:



I think 300k+ score is not a problem with 5.2ghz+ cpu, even in vista. But I can't be 100% sure because don't have two 3870x2 cards to prove it :( May be crossfire in 4x mode works different (uses more cpu resources) than 3x mode.



BUSTAMOVE I see your result http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=757188

and think you have so much drop because you use mobo with P35 chipset.

Second card uses only 4 pci-e lanes for two gpus! This is bottleneck.

Try X38/X48 mobo (not P35 and even not P45) and I sure you will got much better result.

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Hi sav, I tried the same with BlackOPS mobo [returned to seller],

I have a p5e3 premium coming this week, I will try that.

On the p5k, gpuz show x16 on ALL gpus. So I dont think that is the reason for the massive drop. I could be wrong though.

The p5k yields good scores in 3d05 and 3d06 in crossfirex category, little difference than the BlackOPS tbh.

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