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bios update addiction


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i suffer unfortunately from a need to permanently have to mess around with settings either in bios or in the operating system and with with my current motherboard which is or should i say was a dfi infinity 975x has always had a duff bios ever since owning it , they have a max fsb wall at 380fsb unless the 4:3 bios memory setting was used , with mine i could run 400fsb at these settings running the memory at ddr600 , there have been a frew bios updates but nothing has fixed it, the asus and others seem to go happily to 430 fsb with a higher memory divider so i had been checking dfi's site daily, then 814 bios came out i thought this could be the one , i went on xs and someone else on there said he tried it and his system would not post afterwards, so i thought i'd leave it then a few hours later i thought screw it i'll try it and you guessed mine was the same after doing a bit of searching i think the boot block is corrupt and as such the only way to get it back is either take out the bios chip and hot flash it or buy another bios chip with correct bios on, i decided to dump this mother and get something else , i suppose the moral of the story is let somebody else try something new before jumping in ,,, dfi later pulled the bios i wonder how many other people f****ed theres up before they pulled it off

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