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Videocard specifications requests : 8600GT 128mb DDR3


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Ok whatever,I'll show you the difference:

8600gt128mb64bitgw9.th.jpg vs signatureimgbq1.th.jpg


8600GT 128mb vs 256mb

rops 4 vs 8

shaders 16 vs 32

bus width 64bit vs 128bit


I believe you now exactly what I mean ;)

Huge diffrence between those card's as you see not memory size only(not important actualy)but structure as well :)I dont know why this card will not be added???


btw:sorry klopcha I just used your screen to show the difference between those 2 version of 8600GT ;)

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You should add some cards anyway,because helpcenter is full of requests :D

Ok,serious now.Those card comes from "ready pc's" from China which you can buy in Medion Supermarket's and others.This is 8600GT TC 512mb version,which is nothing else like 128mb version,but you'll find out on the picture.This is same card like all 7300tc,6200tc etc...just cheap and very,very slow,could say more than twice slower than others 8600gt's even more(just a cut version of standard 8600gt)


2x64mb :


here's the box-hehe



everest,gpu-z and riva tuner show exactly same informations:



if you need more proofs just let me know,but this is not a bug just a terrible slow card which I use to watch HD on my big TV ;)

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This card is made by Nvidia and view other comp.(I believe)designed for low-end user's and is installed with mediaplayer computers.Less memory,very poor quality of memory chip,64bit bus width,less rops,poor quality of capristors and cooling system .....only to reduce costs/price of production.That's why you can buy it for very low price like 28euros.

I gave examples of cards like this one ;)

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