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Overclock capabilities of i7 960 vs W3540 vs ...


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Hello to all. First, my name is Pedro and i'm writing from Portugal. I'm a user interface designer and one of my big hobbies is ... trying to get the last mhz out of the cpu, for a 24/7 use.


So, i had a i7 930 that i sold. I was getting a W3565 but at the last minute, the seller cancelled the business ... my 930 was already sold and installed in another computer, so it wasn't fare to ask for the cpu back.


So here i am, searching for a replacement.

Been through Ebay and found some interesting items.


The i7 960's are selling at good prices... ( batch 3001B, 39xxA )

Then i found W3540's, batch 3845B010 & 3846B012... although much more expensive than the 960's ...


So, could you tell me what's the overclocking capabilities of the 960? Any good?

As for the W3540's ... i know about the gem batch they are... but i also read that they run hotter than A batches, true?


I'm kind of lost... since i don't want to go 6 cores ( still too expensive to be investing on a platform that have it's end of life in the end of the year )


Thanks for the attention and time,




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