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Geforce 6200 TC 16 Overclock


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Hello together,


i have this Videocard: Geforce 6200 TC with 16MB and nv44 chip.

I can easily overclock this card at 450/450 Mhz. I have read that i can unlock 4 Pipelines, but only with the nv43 Chip. My question is, how this guy overcloked his card:


He has 8 times more Bus Width, i have only 32 and he has 256. The same question is, that there stood that its an nv44 Chip, but look there, he had 8 Shaders and 4 ROP´s. I have only 4 Shaders and 2 ROP´s.

How to make it?

And an Screenshot of my Card: http://pic.sysprofile.de/images/gwm66668.jpg


I would be on an answering very pleased


greeting Mouse


P.S.: sry again for my bad english

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He has 8 times more Bus Width, i have only 32 and he has 256.

Earlier versions of GPUZ may be wrong with some cards.

This user used RivaTuner to show correct info (32-bit memory bus, NV44 rev.A2, 4/3 pipelines, 16Mb memory).

Try old GPU-Z 0.1.5 with your card: http://dl6.techpowerup.com//SysInfo/GPU-Z/GPU-Z.0.1.5.exe

If it will also show 8/3 pipelines and 256 bit - old version is the reason.

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