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Is there a suggested API to get all specs in the computer? I am using python to make a multi platform benchmark (yes, python) and I have sorted most of the basic things out, in fact you can try it out (its called PYPrime, you can find it in the benchmarks section) but there are some, SOME, security issues I'm working on, being open source it's way too easy now to cheat, so I am now implementing datafiles to add some security, but I still can't reliably get the system specs (like memory timings, memory speed, motherboard vendor) ,heck, even the CPU is a bit hard to find in some cases.

I would like to avoid using external libraries to make the installations as simple as possible, that's why I used this kind of things:

def get_processor_info():
    if platform.system() == "Windows":
        print('CPU: ', platform.processor())
    elif platform.system() == "Darwin":
        print('CPU: ',
              bytes(subprocess.check_output(['/usr/sbin/sysctl', "-n", "machdep.cpu.brand_string"]).strip()).decode())
    elif platform.system() == "Linux":
        command = "cat /proc/cpuinfo"
        print('CPU: ', subprocess.check_output(command, shell=True).strip())
    return ""

The worst part is that I can't seem to get access to the API documentation because this weird problem

  <message>Unable to process data request, please contact HWBOT if this issue persists.</message>

that appears every time I try to open the link, sometimes It happens when I try to view some benchmark submissions

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