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8700 Z370 Gaming F 16GB DDR4 GTX1070 512GB SSD?


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If you remember, Intel introduced with the Pentium 4 processor the Hyper Threading technology, making that your PC would see a physical single processor as two processors instead. At the time tho it was not efficient, and the Pentium 4 had a tendency to run really hot. It was quietly dropped.

AMD at the time was THE processor to get. At the time when people are just getting to know about 64 bit computing, they were the first one to introduce a consumer 64 bit processor that is affordable. The Athlon 64 X2 was also the first physical multicore consumer processor. They are cheap, as well as an overclocking workhouse.

Intel struggled to introduce a processor  essay writer that could rival that, and as a band aid patch, they released the Intel Dual-Core processor. What they did was taking instead of multiple cores on a single die, it was multiple dies pasted together. And to fight AMD they clocked the processors high, which in tandem with they multiple die leading to the processor running hot and was not a good overclock.

Then in 2006 they released the Intel Core. It was Intel's first multi-core on a single die design. The E6300 was an amazing piece of hardware. It might be only 1.86Ghz, but with a low tdp of 65W it was highly overclockable. And also it was affordable. Now AMD, which has always been the processor to buy if you want something cheap but powerful has lost that advantage. And the Core was miles better than anything AMD has at the time.

And as time goes, Intel has managed to perfect the Core architecture. It reintroduces the Hyper Threading technology, which was ditched during the Pentium 4 era. They manage to get the processor to be faster, in tandem with keeping the TDP as low as they can. And before long, AMD lost more and more ground.

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