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Is this valid


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well i c thanks,


silly me, since i used a small 15" TFT which can't do 1280x1024, would 3Dmark change this setting on its own?


BTW is it normal that no email is send when a score get blocked? or isit because it was with bad settings?

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hey jmke


Yes normaly i get a email from hwbot, so i was curious about this time. Well the email set in options is correct and has no anti spam or anything, since it is rly clean i don't need it.


Also everything is enabled in Contact settings.

expect for: everyone may contact me.


Whats about an option, which will inform u if u got beaten in a categorie by an other user? Also i never did get an email if my rank changed.. okay this would be rly bad for ur traffic and also my email would be full of those changes *g*


never the less, sorry for the trouble i made, next time i will pay it a 3rd look before uploading, just overseen this since i didn't changed anything on 3dmark06 so i thought it should be default..


BTW if i do a new run on this card, with right settings, how can i upload it? will there be a dublication error?

or can i change it? if yes, how do i get a link to the blocked score, since i didn't got an email.


Best wishes

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