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Different chipsets, same videocard?

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This may be not be the right place for it and I don't know exactly how to put it.

I see that there are a couple of different categories for integrated videochips that are essentially identical.

For example, there is a category "GMA i946GZ" and "GMA 3000".

But the videocore of the i946GZ is a GMA 3000 so they are actually the same.

This way you get a really mixed up view of the scores.

Same goes for "82945G Integrated Graphics" and "GMA 950".


One thought on this is that the 946GZ is limited in FSB to 800 so although the videocore is the same it might me unfair to compare them to Q965 and Q963.


Also, I've noticed there are a lot of 945G scores in the 946GZ category.

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I do believe you will find the same for VIA/S3. There are a lot of diferent versions of the same gfx core, but really only one entered in hwbot, and neither gpuz or everest or the various 3dmarks seems to be able to tell the diference...


Some areas of the database could use a cleanup. Also some entries could do with a proper validation and be put in its right category. I'm just not sure how doable it is from an administrative view...

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