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[Build Help] Intel H67 vs. P67 (gaming, overclocking, etc.)

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Hello, I've started planning a build around an Intel i5-2500K CPU, simply because it seems like a safe quad-core to go with. So I've been going through info for compatible motherboards (Intel sandy bridge) and basically it comes down to the H67 vs. P67 chipsets. From wh at I understand, the P67 requires a video card but the H67 just uses the integrated video processor in the i5-2500K. Also, I hear the P67 is much better for overclocking/th can't usually do it at all. Overclocking has been something I've been struggling to understand, so I don't know if this is something that should even affect my selections.

Q1: For gaming, is it recommended that I buy one extra graphics/video card anyways, if I go with the H67?

Q2: What are the advantages/disadvantages of the H67 vs. P67 that I missed? Recommendations?

Q3: What's the hubbub about this overclocking business?

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