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Result 'checked by moderator'...but now i can't edit


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hey guys, i just got a notice one of my results was checked by a moderator because a user noticed i had no screenshot. it did have a screenshot at one time but something obviously happened with the database and now the screenshot just comes up blank.


the problem is, i can't edit the result now that it has been 'checked by moderator' i assume. i would like to edit it and re-add the screenshot.


result referred to...




furthermore, why doesn't the link to the screenshot not actually link to where the screenshot was uploaded? instead, it simply links to the thumbnail version HWBot keeps on its record. before it use to link to the actual screenshot location and the HWBot thumbnail would pull its image from it but not replace it. i thought the old system was better because it was like having two copies of the screenshot...in case something happened to one, like in the case with my result.


TIA for any assitance.

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