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Xeon Phi Benching and Challenge

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I've been really interested lately in the Xeon Phi family of Intel products, and decided to buy myself more than a few cards, and I've been having a bunch of fun with them! I feel like sharing these out to people who would be interested in helping develop what they need to keep them interesting to bench, whether that be an offloader so that we can run more than gpupi on them (Maybe pass over the GPUPI domination to all the other categories :O!), or a way to mod the bios on these cards to provide higher clocks to push the records even higher. If you are at all interested in getting a phi, or own a phi, come join the conversation over at https://discord.gg/SVVSWUvFwG, and throw a dm at RJGamesAhoy#5932, or a message in #soon-to-be-xeon-phi-owners if you need any help getting one to you in the US, or possibly outside of the US if there is enough interest to ship international!

Have a nice Day/Night and I hope to see you in the server!


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