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Asrock Extreme 6 which bios is best?

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Im currently stable at 4700 mhz 1.37-1.39 usually , 1.397 peak Vcore. it gets 70 degrees mimmum core and 78 maximum core at full load. Test with 8 hours Large FFT prime95.


Strangely at small FFT where large FFT is considered best heat test, I get more heat 75 lowest core, 82 highest core.


I am wondering might a different bios version help me?


I am on latest 1.60. I flashed straightaway since I got this motherboard. So I have no idea about older versions.


My turboboost doesn't want to go higher either I get 0.129V additional turbo voltage now, but when I set it to 0.150V or 0.175V or 0.200V, In windows my vcore doesn't appear to higher then 1.4x V Not that it matters much right now since 1.4V produces too much heat for me.


Does anyone have an idea how to get an higher overclock around the same temps?

Maybe some setting to reduce the voltage stably? I have speedstep, Hyperthreading etc and all that shit on. But don't know what to change, safely.

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