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Intel Core I5 12600K : Are you Overclocking like me ?

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Hello every one, its my first post and im not used to forum ?

I make overclocking on my 12600k and i want to make a discussion about how i can optimize thinks more .
Im on the rookie side, and i make OC without looking so much of other on internet because all the information that i see are splited with contradiction, motherboard, bios difference etc ... I try to make my way with tests.
Ok then i manage to get 5.2 pcore 4.3 ecore frequency on the 12600k, stable for a vcore of 1.370 with a 0.015v offset on a gigabyte z790 aorus elite ax ice 
The bios is ... ? Im used to MSI ....
Internal l2 atom is at 1.370 (looks logic to me to set it close to Vcore (noob logic))
CPU VCCIN aux at 1.830 get little more juce (noob logic)
V1P8 cpu 1.840v (noob logic)
VCC1v8P 1.840v ( noob logic)
No egpu activated and load line calibration extreme 
All this to get the 20 000 + on R23 and i get 20144 pt ! 
But all those settings was made step by step to figths aigainst temp not for stability at first.
Core 6 get 95 degree close to 100 but the goal was go not touch 100 to get frequency drop.
Im used to OC at the most unstable low voltage to the most stable low voltage.
I use the xc7 waterblock, stock mounting braket, and a old ekwb pump that have a very small flow rate.
My question was, im i far from what people use to do on the OC community ?
I see people with Vcore at 1.4++ etc ... And every cpu that i have OC was every time making good score, but never with the same higth voltage that people are used to have. Like my 2950x Threadripper at 4.2ghz all core was at 1.35v. stable but people are used to put more. Or my silicon lottery is every time with me .
And if someone can explain or give some tips lf obvious stupid miss conception i have done on this post, its a pleasure to read it. 
Hope my speach was not soporific.
And if people want to shar how you OC your 12600k or similar cpus, i will glad to read the post ?
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