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Feature Request: Parser Test page

Hak Foo

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I had an entry flagged today. A forum post describing a HD3650 was identified as a 6600GT. O.o


In the past, I've also had various issues where it would decide a Katmai PIII was a Coppermine, an E6750 was a Q6700, and such.


The annoying part isn't the mis-detection, it's the game of "Adjust the forum post, wait for the re-scan, check, repeat if necessary." It seems like sometimes, the parser is getting stuck on things that you don't realize are the key factor, and if you have to do it several times, it does get frustrating.


Would it be possible to have a "Parser test" page? Where you can enter a string, as you'd post between the hwbot tags, and it would show you how HWBot would digest it, so you can know if you're submitting correct data BEFORE you submit it the first time? This would also avoid many of the "3.2MHz" and "3800GHz" entries, I'd expect.

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