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Sparco_16 - Xeon E5 2699 v3 @ 3599.2MHz - 3sec 163ms wPrime - 32m


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really impressed by your turbo boost unlock on the 2699v3 i have the same but i cant get this i built pc gamer with 2699v3 can you tell me how do you set the undervoltage i use -100 on core and -65 on cache and 0 on sys but its not stable my pc freez do you use -90 and -50 ? im neosnake7 on discord
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@neosnake7 Hey, I've been trying to reach you on discord but no luck. I don't use it very often. How do you use -100 core & -65 cache? I did not do it thorugh BIOS settings, I use v3_payne FFS drivers which can only do -90 & -50 max. Both my CPU and the motherboard is from AliExpress so they are not some cherry-picked hardware. The MB does support some overclock but I think most of the settings work only for some other weaker xeons, so I went with modifying the BIOS & flashing it, this is the video I've followed https://youtu.be/9rkz9nQhC7U I think Miyconst on youtube has a similar video for that, but I went with the previous vid. Though I recommend to check his channel anyways.
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