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Looking for few members of hwbot/submiting benchmarks results


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Hi overclockers & greetings from Israel. My name is Ashot, i am new here & hope in the future time i'll conduct some serious water cooled CPU overclocking. Summer/end of summer, possibly.


Anyway - i am looking for 2 persons namely The. Doctor & kow_ciller among your ranks & was wondering if such persons exist in the hwbot ranks. Since those 2 suggested me to visit this site in 1st place to show my scores.


My current PC specs :


Phenom 9950 BE @ 2.81GHz air;

M3N-HT Deluxe/HDMI;

2x2GB DDRII 1066MHz;

2x GeForce GTX 280;

1000W Corsair HX1000W PSU;

Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP1;

WD VelociRaptor 300GB;



Things to change in summer/end of summer :


Phenom 9950BE -> Phenom II X4 940BE;

any brand's watercooling kit.


And finally - where exactly to post SuperPi & 3DMark Vantage results. For 1st timer the links in your site blur my vision/make me a bit dizzy, lol. jk


Anyway, great to know there is such great overclocking force in the universe, i reckon of it & hopefully one day i'll master this great oc'ing art too. K|ngp|n - i salute you & hope one day i'll be just like you or close. :) Take care, overclockers.

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Thanx for info. And although you didn't said about those members, whether such members here or not - sencere thank you, from my heart. I looked in submitting a SuperPi 1M score in link you gave & i have hard time in finding screenie of my SuperPi result. You possibly mean screen dump of my result, right ? I forgot how to do it. Also i need to make CPU-Z screen dump, i remember, after reading the site's rules for submitting the scores. Nevermind - by the end of the week i'll read thoroughly the rules for screenshots of both. Also, 3DMark Vantage result with overclocked CPU, you got link to it ? Cause i only have this benchie & nothing else. (don't feel like dl'ing 05 or 06 frankly, atleast not in following month or 2)


BTW : i feel like crying out loud, when looking @ my Join Date. What is it ?!!! lol It's like i joined telepatically here 6 years before i was born !!!! Are you kidding me ?! Never minded a good joke though. Cheers !!!! :)

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