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Unknown processor issue

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Hi there, I'm hoping this issue can be resolved smoothly.


I recently requested the following cpu (Opteron 1224 SE) to be added and that is all fine and dandy, I've even submitted a pifast and super-pi result with it and all is well.


I recently tried to submit wprime 32 result, however, and all is not well. I used v1.55 and have input all data as I did for the other two results I posted, yet the cpu shows as an unknown processor. Link.


Any ideas?

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Thanks for fixing it, I didn't know I'd unlinked it... :?


I'm using google Chrome. I see the dropdown list every time, and I clicked on it just as you show in your screenshot. I also did that for my two other submissions, and they both went through properly.


What kind of double would there be in the database, though, if I'm the only one who's submitted anything for this processor? Thanks for the tip on the "...".

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