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Bug reports : Scores removed?


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Ticket ID: 337


Priority: Medium


My scores were removed (Superpi 1m, cpu-z). I don\'t know why they were removed. My team captain didn\'t remove it and the HWbot crew didn\'t either, at least i think. My scores weren\'t reported and my team captains didn\'t receive any mail, and neither did I. I hope this is a bug, and I sure don\'t hope that someone hacked the team moderators.\r\n\r\nBut to get to the point, what happened to my scores?\r\n\r\nGreetings, Tim Felix/Wava

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Ticket ID: 338


Priority: Medium


My last ticket was closed prematurely, so I opened this one. The scores Gendo and I submitted these few days were not by sharing hardware. We had similar hardware and the only thing that was shared was the PSU, the motherboard and the memory. Cpu or GPU weren\'t shared, and sharing anything other than cpu or gpu is allowed according to the rules. My score wasn\'t identical to Gendo\'s score, we used different GPU, different CPU and differently tweaked OS. \r\n\r\nTo prove we didn\'t share any hardware, i\'ll show you this picture. Multiple cpu\'s, motherboards and GPU\'s.\r\n\r\nDSC_0001.jpg

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